Thursday, March 18, 2010

Figures Lie And Liars Figure - The Real Numbers On ObamaCare

The Democrats are giddy with the numbers from the Congressional Budget office showing the cost of ObamaCare to be $940 billion ( almost all of it incurred in a mere 6 years) with supposed 'deficit cutting' of $1.3 trillion over twenty years.

And the left is attempting to spin this as justification to pass this garbage!

I can't speak for the Ezra Kleins of the world, but my mother didn't raise any stupid children.

These numbers are bogus for a number of reasons:

  • The figures are an estimate, since they weren't based on the actual reconciliation bill but on a preliminary draft furnished to the CBO by the Democrats.

  • There's no telling what the end package will be, because there's no telling what additional bribes and special deals are going to be necessary to pass this before it's over.

  • Illegal aliens will be covered,( there's no enforcement provisions or requirements otherwise) and there's no true accounting for how many of them are here or how many will be attracted by our open borders and their shiny new ObamaCare benefits.

  • The so-called 'deficit reduction' includes double counting in a number of areas. For instance, $500 million is cut from medicare and taken away from seniors, so this is counted as a 'savings'. it isn't because the money is being used to fund the subsidies on the new entitlement contained in the bill!

But let's take this a step further, shall we? Let's assume that these bogus figures were actually accurate.

I've got a proposition for you, people. You refinance your home and pay me $9,490 upfront in 2010 dollars in costs and fees. In exchange, you're going to save a whopping $13,000 in 2030 dollars twenty years from now ( and remember, there's inflation)...assuming the numbers the Jackasses are trumpeting are anywhere near correct, which they aren't.

Such a deal, eh?

I'm not sure which is worse, the fact that they're actually trying to get away with this or the utter contempt it shows they have for the American people.

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B.Poster said...

Can they actually implement this before the court challenges are completed? My guess is they probably can.

I agree the cost estimates are probably understated. It seems any time the government estimates the costs of a given program or the potential danger posed by a foreign enemy they almost ALWAYS underestimate the costs and the dangers. On the other hand when estimating the potential benefits of a proposed government program, they almos ALWAYS over estimate the benefits.

Why would an illegal alien especially a Mexican who can easily go home for medical care want to be covered under Obamacare? The health care product he or she will be able to get in Mexico will be far better and far less expensive than what he or she will be able to get in the United States under Obamacare.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Poster.

The bill doesn't take effect until 2013, and litigation automatically stops any implementation anyway.

As far as Mexico's health care goes, I suggest you do a little research so that you get some idea of how available and high quality it actually is. I think you'll change your views.