Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ObamaCare - Down To The Wire

It appears that we are finally coming close to zero hour on ObamaCare, the make or break.

As this point, it all comes down to the House. And notice, I didn't say the vote in the House. In at least one scheme being hatched by Pelosi and company, there might not even be one.

In fact, I don't think the votes exist in the House at the present time to pass ObamaCare. If they did, the Senate bill would be sitting on Zero's desk right now, waiting for his signature.

The White House will try every bit of bribery, threat and enticement it can think of to get to the magic number, but if I had to make a prediction, I think that we'll end up with the Slaughter Solution, concocted by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Rules committee head Louise Slaughter.This involves a bogus application of House rules never before attempted that would simply 'deem' the Senate bill passed - without an actual vote or a roll call!

And the fact that this would be blatantly unconstitutional under Article I doesn't matter a bit to these people. Pelosi has already stated that she's all for using this to get Obamacare through.

So again, if I had to predict things at this point, I'd say that the Democrats will 'deem' the Senate bill passed, Obama will sign it and then jet off to Indonesia to chill with his Muslim homies.

There will, of course be multiple court challenges that will hold things up for months, but Obama will be able to claim a 'victory' and say that he 'passed health care reform', even if it's later struck down by the courts.

Meanwhile, he can get off this poisonous turf and move on to other areas of his agenda - like amnesty for illegal aliens.

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B.Poster said...

What do you suppose the chances of the courts over turning this are?

As I recall, judges like John Roberts and Samuel Alito were deemed to be some what "literalist" in their interpratation of the constitution. Also, I think many of the Bush nominees for judges that were held by Congress had much the same judicial philosphy as the men mentioned above. I suppose the real reason for such fierec opposition to the nomination of these people really had to do with the things like this. A judge who thinks the Constitution should be interpreted literally would not support this bill or things like it.

I would say the chances of Obamacare being accepted by the appelate courts are pretty near 100%, since the majority of judges are activists judges. If the opponents of this bill have the will and the ability to take this to the Supreme Court, I would say that the chances of Obamacare surviving a Supreme Court challenge are approximately 90%. There are simply to many activist judges.

Also it takes a tremedous amount of courage to withstand the intense media scrutiny one a judge would face if he dares defy Mr. Obama in this manner. I simply don't think there are many who could withstand this kind of scrutiny and even fewer who would want to.

Freedom Fighter said...

The chances? 5-4.

B.Poster said...


Thanks for the reply. I agree 5-4 is probably the chances. There are at least a couple of "moderates" on the Supreme Court. By this I mean there votes can go either way on any given issue.

Given how important this issue is to Mr. Obama and his allies in the media, it is going to be VERY difficult for any of these people to resist the kind of pressure that will be placed on them to vote in a manner that would please both Mr. Obama and the news media.

As such, I think it will probably be 5-4 in favor of Team Obama. Is this what you think?

My prediction could be wrong of course. I certainly pray and hope so.