Thursday, August 11, 2011

An Astounding Story About US Aid To Hamas

There's an astounding story I stumbled across today in Pravda-On-The Hudson regarding a threat by the US and other western donors to curtail the hundreds of millions in aid they spend in Gaza.

Now, let's recap for a moment. Gaza is ruled by Hamas, a group with an openly genocidal agenda that is still officially named as a terrorist group in both the EU and the US. They're currently firing rockets at Israeli civilians on almost a daily basis, and have been holding an Israeli hostage, Gilad Shalit, for over five years without allowing Red Cross or any other access and are backed by our enemies in Iran.

You think that it's because of these violent acts and gross violations of civilized norms that the US State Department and other western donors are threatening to cut off the aid?

Nah, all that stuff's fine with them. The threat to cut off aid is coming solely because Hamas wants to audit the books of the organizations funneling the jirzyah to them!

Tensions have been simmering for months over Hamas’s relations with nongovernmental organizations of a number of countries operating in Gaza as the authorities have sought to increase surveillance over the groups. Early this year, Hamas asked all such groups to register with the central government, pay a fee and submit financial reports.

Those requests, while resisted, were ultimately agreed to by most groups, officials at Gaza-based charities said. But in June when the demand came that the groups also permit Hamas officials to audit their books, the objections grew markedly. Though Hamas did not explain the reason for its demand, many governments are suspicious of foreign funding of charities fearing money can be diverted to political, or intelligence gathering, activities.

For American organizations, United States policy forbids direct contact with Hamas, labeled by the State Department as a terrorist group. As a result on-site audits by Hamas officials would lead to suspension of activity, American officials said. The United States accounts for a large share of the money foreign governments spend on humanitarian assistance in Gaza.

The hypocrisy of this is staggering. US law forbids direct contact with Hamas, yet your tax dollars are funding millions in aid, which allows Hamas to spend its money on the War Against The Jews and staying in power...thus aiding and abetting terrorism against Israel, our supposed ally. As the article notes, they even allow these groups to pay a fee for the privilege of operating in Gaza directly to the Hamas government.

But the US State Department is upset and threatening to curtail the aid because Hamas wants to look at the books!

Other than that, directly supporting a terrorist entity is apparently just fine with them.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly what you'd expect of Obama.

Rob said...

I know...mea culpa. Been a busy day here.

My apologies.

Anonymous said...

No worries. I'm just a grammar Nazi.