Monday, August 15, 2011

Hamas Agrees To Accept The Obama Administration's Money

You'll remember that I reported on a dispute between Hamas and our State Department over millions in aid money we're giving them.

The dispute wasn't over Hamas' genocidal agenda, their firing rockets at Israeli civilians on almost a daily basis or their being an officially named terrorist group but over bookeeping - because Hamas insisted on auditing the books of the NGO's we're using to funnel the jirzyah to them.

Well, the dispute's been solved. Hamas is no longer insisting on checking the books and the American money is now flowing again.

Thanks to the Obama Administration, your tax dollars are funding millions in aid to Hamas, so Hamas can spend its money on the War Against The Jews and staying in power...thus aiding and abetting terrorism against Israel, who are supposed to be our ally.

And our State Department is bending over backwards to make it happen.

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