Friday, August 19, 2011

House Ethics Committee Prohibits Members From Attending Glenn Beck's Pro-Israel Rally

Unbelievable, but true. The Republican chaired House Ethics Committee has barred member of Congress from attending Glenn Beck’s upcoming Restoring Courage rally in Jerusalem, Israel.

According to Rep. Joe Walsh (R.-Ill) who informed Beck of this on the air, they were told the rally in Jerusalem “had the appearance of a political event” and therefore Congress members “were rejected” from attending.

“To me it surely is ... an additional way to go over there and do some fact-finding and learn. That's what we as members of Congress do. But for some reason, they shied away from what you are doing over there,” Walsh told Beck.

Beck was furious, and rightfully so.

“Speaker Boehner, you should be ashamed of yourself. The Republican Party should be ashamed of themselves. They don’t have to attend my event. Let them come to our biggest ally and only friend we still have in the Middle East in their hour of need,” Beck said.

“There are so many people, good people, that are in the Republican Party trying to fight for common sense values, trying to hold some semblance of the line of America, trying to hold together what little credibility we have overseas. But the Republicans would much rather punish ‘bad Republicans.' Good for you, Speaker Boehner. Good for you,” Beck said.

Beck reportedly attempted to contact the Committee directly to try and get th reasoning behind the decision, the specific reasoning behind the decision, but was told by Dan Schwager, staff director for the House Ethics Committee, that the committee is not “permitted to speak about individual matters.”

Congress holds the purse strings of the US government, which as I've pointed out is directly funding 'Palestinian' terrorism and outright thieves like Charley Rangel get off with a slap on the wrist. But the Ethics Committee is angsting over members of the House showing support for Israel. Shameful doesn't even cover it.

UPDATE:A glance at the Committee's makeup provides a few clues as to what happened.The Democrats involved include Linda Sanchez (D-CA), the ranking member, John Yarmuth (D-KY) and Donna Edwards (D-MD).

Sanchez has never been a particular friend of Israel based on her voting record, and Yarmuth and Edwards are actively anti-Israel and have both received substantial campaign cash from the George Soros funded J-Street.

They likely got together with Sanchez and approached chairwoman Jo Bonner(R-AL)and did some horse trading...make Beck's pro-Israel event off limits in exchange for something else.

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Anonymous said...

And what would happen if they attended? I think they should come and then sue the ethics committee for violating their freedom of assembly.

BTW isn't Congress political? This makes no sense what soever?

louielouie said...

boehner has to go in 2012.
i'd vote for monkey boy instead.

B.Poster said...

I read your most recent post about the attacks by Hams before I read. Unfortunately this pretty much confirms what I posted in my reply. It appears Congress is getting ready to push for Palestinian statehood along with the White Hosue.

Apparently Congress is not interested in gathering all of the facts. It would seem prudent for mmebers of Congress to meet with the people of a stalwart ally like Israel.

On the plus side though, if Congressional members do not attend perhaps they will stay out of Israel's way. While the aid Israel receives from America is likely of some benefit to Israel, it leads to Aemrican meddling in Israel's affairs. The negative cost to Israel with regards to this meddling appears to far offset any positive benefits to Israel from the aid it receives from America.

If Israel were to decline this aid, it would get a much freer hand to deal decisively with Hamas and the other enemies who threaten its existence. This means it is much more likely for Hams to be defeated. Since Hamas is a bitter enemy of America, it is profoundly in America's interest that Hams be defeated. This is much more likely to happen with America out of the way of Israel's affairs.
Essentially American aid to Israel, in its current form, is of negative benefit to both countries.

The Congress of a seriouse country who had concern for its ally would want members of Congress to attend this rally and learn more about the situation Israel faces. Apparently sticking to the ideological party line is more important. I desparately hope and pray I'm wrong about all of this but it is becoming harder and harder to be optimistic.

Unknown said...

Thanks for getting this out there.

They should prohibit members from attending any Obama events as well then as those are truly political events with no other purpose as far as the eye can see, ever!

SecondComingOfBast said...

Yarmuth is an asshat of the highest order, a representative of the People's Republic of Louisville. This doesn't surprise me in the least. The Tea Party, and all people of good intent, should raise hell about this abomination of dhimmitude.