Monday, August 29, 2011

Seven Injured In Tel Aviv Terrorist Attack

The peace process continues as seven people were injured by a 'Palestinian' man from Nablus ( Shechem) who hijacked a taxi and then rammed it into a Border police security checkpoint outside the Tel Aviv nightclub Haoman 17 at about 1:30 AM local time. He then exited the vehicle and began stabbing people, shouting “Allahu Akbar!”

The club was packed with around 1,000 high school students at a party.One of those hurt in the attack was seriously injured, two were moderately injured and the rest were lightly injured.

Because of the police checkpoint, which was placed there as security for the event, casualties were far less than they otherwise might have been. My guess is that the attacker wasn't counting on the checkpoint being there, but was planning to get inside the club. When he saw the checkpoint, he likely realized he wasn't getting in to the club so he decided to ram it and take out whomever he could.

The attacker was taken into custody. After his trial in an Israeli civilian court, he'll get a jail sentence, which means that the 'Palestinian Authority' will pay his family a nice salary out of your tax dollars while he's locked up.

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