Thursday, August 04, 2011

Guess Who's Paying For President Obama's Swing Through The Battleground States? You Are

President Obama will be embarking on a tour through the swing states in the Midwest,where his poll numbers have been tanking. Under the fiction that this is merely going to be a speaking tour and not political, President Obama is sticking the taxpayers with the bill.

When asked by a reporter if this was a campaign event or a presidential event,White House Press Secretary Jay Carney answered, “Negative. That is an official event.” And then put his hand over his nose so that the cameras couldn't pick up the extra inch it grew.

Another reporter asked whether there was a political nature to the trip.

“The air of cynicism is quite thick,” Carney shot back. “The idea that the president of the United States should not venture forth into the country is ridiculous.”

The reporter said, “I didn’t say that.”

Carney said, “No, but you implied it in your question. It is absolutely important for the president – whoever that person is, in the past or in the future – to get out and hear from people in different communities."

As if this president is going to do much listening, as opposed to talking and beating the class warfare drum!

In fairness, other presidents have probably done similar things, if perhaps not so blatantly. But to stick the taxpayers with this now, when the country is flirting with bankruptcy is simply despicable and self-seeking, not leadership.

The same could be said of President Obama's getting out of dodge instead of staying in Washington and wrestling with the very real problems his inept leadership has wrought.

He simply cares about nothing but his own re-election...and there's something about that which puzzles me.

He obviously doesn't like the actual work involved with being president, and he's dodged it whenever possible. He's wealthy enough now that he could afford to bug out and spend his time on the activities he actually enjoys. So why the scurrying for another four years?

Is it his ego? Does he simply like the freebies and perks that come with the job, the free travel, the five star food, the parties and the golf? Does he feel like he has some scores to settle once the re-election question is behind him?

Or is a mixture of all of these?

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ligneus said...

With four years as Pres and not having to worry about re-election he can continue his America demolition program with gusto.
That' the job his boss Soros appointed him to.

Anonymous said...

In fairness, other presidents have probably done similar things, if perhaps not so blatantly. were obviously in a coma during Bush's 'Mission Accomplished' photo-op. I believe we picked up the tab for that naked bit of campaign propaganda.

And besides, what part of a president's job isn't campaigning? We paid for FDR's fireside chats, Clinton's staged vacations, even JFK's swing through Dallas (although that last one may not have been a wise investment).

I'd hate to be the guy who has to determine which expenses are campaign-related and which aren't. I certainly wouldn't count Bush's excuse to play dress-up as a necessary expense.

(Me pointing out your forgetfulness = post not approved)

Rob said...

Troll, I wouldn't have made the remark about being in a coma if I were you. Read what I wrote again, and please take careful notes.

(a) There is a difference between a tour through swing states where a president's poll numbers are cratering and visiting troops in the field,( and BTW, it was the crew of that aircraft carrier who put up that banner, not the president)addressing the nation on radio or TV, ( where the networks provide free air time)going to dedications, overseas visits and speaking at things like college commencements. And BTW, the formal rules differentiating campaigning from legitimate presidential visits were only adopted during President Reagan's term in office, but the DNC still picked up the tab for JFK's Dallas visit...because President Kennedy insisted.

(b) Hitting the taxpayers for President Obama's little campaign tour is especially irresponsible when the country's in deep economic trouble, as I mentioned. But hey,that's whom we have in the White House.

BTW, as you know, GWB is hardly my favorite president, but you're an indescribable ass to refer to his visit to that aircraft carrier as 'dress up'. President Bush earned his wings and flew on to that aircraft carrier himself, something I doubt you would ever be remotely capable of.

And if you think his stint in the Air National Guard was a charade, keep in mind that anytime you're flying a fighter jet is hazardous - two fliers in Bush's unit died during his stint in training accidents.

It wasn't like being in a foxhole, but it was far from being a cushy billet. There are other places he could have gone for that, like hiding out in one of our universities or serving as a chairborne aide somewhere. He had the connections to do it if he had wanted to.

As for publishing your comments, you're lucky I let any of your nonsense through. Let's just be kind and say it doesn't add to the mix, except to give me an occasional chuckle.

Old School said...

That's gotta leave a mark, Rob. I can't understand why you let this jerk post, myself.

One thing you didn't mention though is Obama's nerve in getting us taxpayers to pay for his campaigning when he and his stupidity are the cause of the financial mess we're in.

Carter on steroids. And with an attitude!

Anonymous said...

'It's Bush's fault'!

What would people like anonymous above do without those three words?

louielouie said...

I can't understand why you let this jerk post,

if i may horn in here.
i believe as the election grows closer you will see more of this. on all blogs of a conservative/pro-israel nature. it happened back in 2008.
make no mistake about it, they will not be here to engage in debate. far from it. their mission is to censor. their method is deflection. don't address the subject of an essay. make an off topic comment changing the subject and leading the discussion off on a tangent not even remotely related to the original essay.
as for anon@12:46 comment today,it was very different from others as he/she did attempt to stay on topic. however, their character does put itself on display as i found the flippant reference to president kennedy particularly disgusting.
in the end, it is ff blog, and for full disclosure ff has on numerous occasions told me to "watch it".
i always get a LOL though as they all have the common tattoo at the end. you know, "you're not going to post this".