Friday, August 12, 2011

A New Intifada?

Ace Israeli Arab reporter Khaled Abu Toameh speculates on the consequences of the 'Palestinian Authority' encouraging a new intifada against Israel:

Palestinian Authority representatives would like to see the Palestinian masses march on Israeli military checkpoints and settlements after September, regardless of whether the statehood bid at the UN succeeds or not.

If the UN does vote in favor of the Palestinian state, the Palestinian Authority is hoping that tens of thousands of Palestinians would take to the streets to "celebrate" independence and demand a full Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 lines in compliance with the new resolution.

And if the statehood bid fails for any reason, including a possible US veto, the Palestinian Authority still wants Palestinians to take to the streets to protest against the Americans and Israel.

Under both scenarios, clashes will erupt between Palestinians and the Israel Defense Force at checkpoints and entrances to settlements.

The "popular intifada" that the Palestinian Authority is seeking would then quickly deteriorate into an all-out confrontation similar to the one that erupted in September 2000.

A popular uprising means that Palestinians would also be throwing stones and firebombs at soldiers and settlers. It means that Palestinians could get killed if the lives of soldiers or settlers are in danger.

The road from there to the resumption of Palestinian terror attacks is very short. Fatah still has many militiamen who are ready to open fire "to defend Palestinians against Israeli aggression." The Palestinian security forces could also join the fight against Israel once things get out of control.

Then there is Hamas in the Gaza Strip, which is saying that only the armed struggle, and not the UN, will bring the Palestinians a state. Hamas has even mocked at the Palestinian Authority's talk about a peaceful and unarmed intifada against Israel.

There really are a few simple ways to handle this.

The first thing to do is to let Abbas, the 'Palestinians' and the world know that if Fatah attempts to abrogate Oslo and the Road map by going to the UN, the farce of negotiations and the so-called peace process are over. The day the 'Palestinians' introduce their resolution at the UN, Israel should inform them that Israel will annex all of Area C and pieces of Area B it deems necessary in Judea and Samaria and will end all contact with the 'Palestinians'. No more free electricity and water, no more tax rebates, no more security cooperation, no more trade concessions, nothing.

Israel also has to publicly inform the 'Palestinians' and the world that any protests or violence directed at these areas or sovereign Israeli territory will be considered an act of war by a hostile entity and dealt with accordingly.

Third. Israel needs to arm the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria appropriately and fortify any Jewish communities that need it to resist attack and hold out until the IDF gets there.

Taking these steps might make the 'Palestinians' think twice about the road they're taking. Both Hamas and Fatah have a quality in common - they like the status quo, the power, the aid money coming in. Letting them know that there are consequences for their actions and that they have something to lose puts them and their gullible friends on notice.

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