Monday, August 15, 2011

We're Doomed - Joe Biden To Sell Debt Ceiling Deal To China And Japan

Yes, Vice President Biden has been given the job of talking up the new debt ceiling deal to the Chinese and Japan, the two biggest holders of US government debt. No joke.

There are a few possible reasons for sending Dopey out on this sensitive mission. President Obama may have picked this way of telling the Chinese and Japanese that they had better not lean too hard on him or he'll resign and they'll have to have long, rambling conversations with Good Ol' Joe, inhumane treatment that ought to be prohibited by the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Or the president might have picked Biden because he knows nothing Dopey says is going to make much sense, and our Asian friends will finally just give up trying to understand him, shrug their shoulders and hope for the best.

There's also the possibility that President Obama sold Biden to the Chinese in exchange for a few plasma TVs or 6 month's worth of that wagyu steak the president likes so much.

Anyway you slice it, the idea of Dopey trying to sell anything to anyone, let alone our creditors is tragedy turning into farce.


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louielouie said...

i think that ff is getting very close to using the phrase "dumber than a sack of hair".
in e-mails ff has explained his reasons for not saying/using it.
nonetheless, i believe the days are numbered.
he is getting very close.
using phrases like those in this essay, he has never used before.
rosey, either knowingly or unknowingly, has paraphrased the expression.
i think it is only a matter of time before ff has no other option.