Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Britain On Fire


One of the top stories in the news the last few days has been the massive riots sweeping Britain. Whole sections of the country's cities have been laid waste, and looting and violence is widespread. There are reports of people being forced to strip down naked in the streets so their clothes can be stolen.


As near as can be determined, the flash point was the death of a black thug in a shoot out with police.The rioting began in the mostly black neighborhood of Tottenham in London, but quickly spread to the posher middle class areas of the city like Peckham and included white rioters as well.

Copycat riots, accompanied by widespread looting are occuring in Brixton, Clapham,Croyden, Deptford,Manchester, Birmingham, (primarily in Handsworth and Kings Heath, mostly black and Muslim areas) Wolverhampton, Fulham/Hammersmith,and the Chapeltown area of Leeds, among others. In some areas, the police simply allowed the looting and burning to go on and have only intervened when they had to.


At this point, the British government is considering calling out the British Army to reclaim the streets and maintain order.

So, what's going on here?

The usual suspects on the Left are blaming the government and the austerity cuts, unemployment and 'social injustice'. As usual, they're looking through the wrong end of the telescope.

A nanny welfare state has a peculiar effect on people. As they allow government to do everything and manage everything, they grow to expect it, and it changes them. They grow more selfish, and have less respect for themselves and for society, especially when constant indoctrination from Leftist politicians about the 'evil greedy rich' is combined with an ever increasing entitlement mentality. And as they feel more powerless and hemmed in by Big Government's overweening hand and more 'deprived' , they feel stifled and almost like prisoners in a cell.

Many who observed the rioters burning and looting reported almost a festive air about them. And why not? They were happily engaged in destruction for its own sake, with the added bonus of free booty from the best shops in London and the talking heads on the TV and radio letting them know that the police weren't much in evidence.

And not only was the high of destruction and stealing to be had, but the high of a display of power. No government rules and regulation here, m'Lord! And if I feel like setting something on fire, heisting an I-phone or making someone strip naked in the streets because I want their fancy shirt or their Levis, why not? Because I can, for a change. And I'm owed this anyway.

Human beings naturally seek more freedom, self-expression and self-reliance like water seeks its own level. And when it's denied proper channels and expression, they'll seek it where they can.

Add that mixture to a disarmed population unable to protect their property, a police force cowed by political correctness and harsh oversight of their every attempt to do the job they were hired for and people like the BBC making excuses for the inexcusable and you get exactly what you have in Britain now.

There was a time not so far back when Britain was an eminently law abiding society. Crime and violence existed, but they were on the fringes of a decent society that still had standards, pride in its civilization and even the means at hand to defend itself and its property if it became necessary.

All of that has changed beyond measure. To bowdlerize Yeats, the center ain't holding...because its been deliberately rotted from within.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure if you've read this @ CFP, but check it out: http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/39282

Goes a bit deeper into the psych of these rioters, etc. Maybe you could offer a more in-depth point of view on this London situation, too?

I hope this doesn't come over stateside any time soon... If it does, thank God we have right-to-carry and concealed weapons permits so we can pop these punk***es into line if they try to make us strip for our Levis!

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being astute enough to realize that these are not race riots, unlike the idiot commenter going on about Enoch Powell. There likely are some Muslim looters, but most Muslims believe in the sanctity of private property.