Friday, August 05, 2011

Obama's Birthday Apology, And A Comic Interlude Featuring Jay Carney

First, we have a nifty excerpt the president's non-political, fact laden birthday speech in Chicago.Note the thunderous applause he receives, his confident demeanor, the flop sweat.

And here, pure comedy gold featuring White House press secretary Jay Carney and ABC's Jake Tapper as Tapper repeatedly asks him what the president is doing to create jobs.Watch as he actually tries to use two mouths to speak from, one telling Tapper that the president is doing a lot to create jibs and the other that he isn't, because that's up to Congress! Hilarious!

You know, when Robert Gibbs left, I wasn't sure the president was going to be able to find someone to match him in sheer funnyman genius, but I'm reassured. Carney lacks Gibbsy's faux malevolence, but replaces it with his rabbit-in-heat sweaty anxiety and is capable of acting just as stoo-pid as Gibbsy at his best. Kind of like replacing Mo of the Three Stoodges with the Don Knotts characterization of Barney Fife on the old Andy Griffith show.

Speaking of jobs and unemployment, the official national rate edged down to 9.1%, an dObama's Labor department is trumpeting that the economy added 117,000 jobs. Oh, but wait a minute..the real numbers show that that fewer people actually were working in July than in June, a drop of 38,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

That's due to what the government calls “discouraged workers,” the unemployed who have stopped looking for work. Those numbers spiked from 982,000 to 1.119 million, a difference of 137,000 or a 14 percent increase. But happy days...the 'discouraged workers' aren't included in the Department of Labor numbers.

The 'increase in jobs' is just another fairy tale for spokesmouths like Carney to peddle.

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