Friday, August 26, 2011

Libyan Rebels New Commander In Tripoli Is An Al-Qaeda Fighter

To vandalize an old Who song, meet the new boss...worse than the old boss.

As Rodrigo Veleda reveals, quoting from Le Parisien, Abdelhakim Belhaj, Tripoli's new military governor and a key figure in Libya's National Transitional Council, the rebel coalition is also a leader of the al-Qaeda affiliate Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.

The Arabs certainly know whom he is, even if NATO and the Obama Administration remain clueless. Islamists and al-Qaeda loyalists are pervasive and well represented in the groups comprising the National Transitional Council.

Khaddaffi was a cockroach, but he had evolved into a tame, relatively harmless cockroach who only soiled his own nest. The new species that will be be ruling Libya are likely to be a much deadlier species.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed - the new NATO - Al Qaeda nexus in Libya is a worrying development. NATO has become an entirely self-serving institution with an Orwellian attitude to the truth.

NATO's Orwellian project in Libya

Dymphna said...

That cockroach was never ever tame.

Even w/ my ADDled fibro brain, this one is embedded fully in my memory:

Bulgarian Nurses Held Hostage

But I agree the new roaches will be a horrible infestation. However, I don't think theyll be qualitatively worse. Never forget we only know what the MSM chooses to let past their portal.

Our problem is partly based oon how little we know about the fissions & fractures of MENA --Middle East and No Africa.I mean the old history, before colonialization -- e.g., I didn't know that some parts of Libya don't consider themselves to be's just an artificial construct like much of the place.

I'm hoping Bat Ye'ors new book will have some bckground, considering she was part of the last of the Jewish community to be expelled from Egypt way back when it became Judenrein. Then turned its fuller attention on Copts. One reason I don't follow Copt atrocities much is the fact that they helped lead the hatred against the Egyptian Jews. Probably thot that move helped take the pressure off them.

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SecondComingOfBast said...

Rob, just curious, has someone hijacked your GMail account. I just got an email from a Rob Miller with a link for a supposed quit smoking site.

B.Poster said...

The Western Europeans were/are being blackmailed by Russia with regards to oil supplies. The Western Europeans mde deals with Khaddaffi for oil supplies. The Khaddaffi government then went back on these deals. As such, the Wesern Europeans had very little choice but to do what they did. Wtih NATO an action that threatens the security interests of one member is supposed to be viewed as an attack on all members. As such, it stands to reason that, as a member of NATO, the US would get pulled in.

Unfortunately with NATO as with most things pertainng to America's relations with Western Europe the Americans give far more than they get from these relations. I think it is not unreasonable to ask what do we get from this? If Russia, is contained and this will help Western Europe break free from Russia's shackles and the Russian threat can be reduced by the Libyan action then it will have been worth it.

What needs to happen now is we will need to ensure that Khaddaffi or a pro-Khaddaffi faction never gains control of Libya again and Al Qaeda will need to be kept in check. Last and certainly not least Libyan oil is of a high quality and cheap to extract. Also, much of the country's potential oil is unexplored.

As long as Libya pumps the oil in sufficient quantity and Al Qaeda and other terrorist threats can be kept in check then this may have been worth it. If Al Qaeda cannot be kept in check, perhaps we should consider reinstituting colonization. Frankly, Ameircans and Western Europeans need an attitude adjustment in how they view colonialism and their attitudes about oil.

Libya was a huge ally of Russia. The Russians are talked up as being a big loser in the Libyan operation. Russian forces are vastly superior to any thing America or Western Europe have. If they desired, the Russians could have intervened militarily and thwarted NATO and America at a bare minimum in terms of financial costs and loss of life to them. Why didn't they? Perhaps they wanted Khaddaffi out for their own reasons.

While I can see potential benefits here, it is also very dangerous for us to be involved in a conflict with Russia. America's best option and perhaps only real option is a complete and total withdrawl of all forces from every where in the world and redeployment to the US where they have a fighting chance of defending our country. Let Western Europe worry about Western Europe right now. In trying to represent their liberty, we are placing our own in grave jeporady.