Friday, August 19, 2011

Sarah Palin Moves Iowa Event To Larger Venue After Being Mobbed At The State Fair

Governor Sarah Palin's event scheduled in Iowa for September 3rd has had to be moved to a larger venue to accomodate the anticipated crowds. The decision was made after she attracted huge crowds in her surprise show up at the Iowa State Fair.

Is she planning on using the opportunity to announce her run for the presidency? "I don't know if she's going to announce or not," said Charlie Gruschow, co-founder of Tea Party of America. "But whether or not she announces, we're going to have a huge event."

As for my guess, I predicted a long time ago that if she ran, the Governor would lay back and wait for the other players to flame out and get in sometime in August or September.

This video, put out by SarahPac certainly looks like a candidate in waiting to me.

I certainly don't know Governor Palin's plans, but I do know this much. It's a long time down the line, but barring something crazy happening, if she does get into the race not only will she win the nomination handily but the election. And make a superb president in the bargain.

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T. A. Speaker said...

"if she does get into the race not only will she win the nomination handily but the election."

Hope you're right on both counts. And I agree, she'll "make a superb president in the bargain."

B.Poster said...

At this point, I don't see how she can get the nomination. It seems likely that if she ever gained enough momentum to actually win the Presidency that the RNC would dismantle the Republican party and the Democratic party and the Republican party would combine themsleves into one super party. They could call it the "Demolicans" or the "Republocarts" or whatever. The purpose of the union would be for the defeat of Sarah Palin and the "Tea Party." Once common foes are vanquished they could end their alliance and resume the fight with each other. The point is that the Republcian party and its leadership will do every thing within their power to prevent Mrs. Palin from getting the nomination.

Never mind the fact that the Republican party actually needs Mrs. Palin's supporters and the "Tea Party" on board if they are to have a chance at competing with the Democrats. They are still trying to destroy them. What can we say? Ideology makes people blind and it makes them stupid.

The candidate with the best chance of actually winning the election is Ron Paul. A Paul/Palin ticket might stand a chance. Unfortunately the Republican party will not support either of them, however, they might be willing to use Ron Paul to batter the other candidates they don't like.

At this point, the nomination is Mitt Romney's. The RNC will do every thing in their power to make sure he gets it.

Rosey said...

Sorry Poster, you are wrong. Ron Paul, although a brilliant thinker, is a fringe candidate, he cannot win. He appeals to a small evangelical crowd, but he does not have broad support. He is not a contender. I certainly hope you are wrong about Obamney, but you may be right. If Sarah is going to run, she needs to shit or get off the pot, ASAP. I’m not sure if she can win, but then again barring a miracle, I think a scarecrow could beat BamBam. At this point, I favor Perry even with all the warts I'm sure he has. I do not want 4 more years of immature, incompetent, failed, blame everyone else, Marxism. If Obamney gets the nod, I’ll vote for him only because his name is not O-blame-o. Just like I did with McSame. G-d bless Amerika.

P.S. Louie, don't tell me the electoral vote has already been certified.

louielouie said...

rosey, if you insist on me refraining the obvious i will. this time.

this from rasmussen 8/22/11:

Tea Party darling Sarah Palin has a busy schedule leading up to a major public event in Iowa on September 3, and Republican insider Karl Rove predicts she’s about to enter the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. If Election Day was right now, Obama would defeat the former Alaska governor 50% to 33%. This marks the first time that the president has risen out of the 40s in hypothetical matchups with any of the major GOP presidential hopefuls.

what i didn't post is the lengthy analysis of all other GOP candidates beating hussein, 48% to 43%. what this tells me is the US simply wants a different wet blanket, without the overt hatred of the US.

Rob said...

True Louie,
But Rasmussen also has polls showing 55% of Americans agree more with Sarah Palin's views on the issues than Obama's.

The governor actually addressed this, saying that in every election she had won,she was outspent and behind in the polls.

A lot of the negatives Sarah Palin has are based on the narrative pushed by the dinosaur media..that she's stupid,a quitter, just a media figure, etc.

A lot of those negatives are going to evaporate if she runs the first time she takes part in a debate and people realize how sharp and on point she really is.

Remember also that (a) anything they could possibly hit her with i.e 'quitter' she's had ample time to think of a response (b) she's a lot more polished and media savvy than she was in '08 and (c)she knows how to speak to the American people on a gut level.

If she runs, I think we're looking at Reagan vs. Carter redux..only more effective, because she'll probably have majorities in both houses of Congress to work with.

I say the Thrilla from Wasilla wins in a walk if she gets in.