Friday, August 12, 2011

Palin Tricks The Media With A Surprise Visit To The Iowa State Fair!

Governor Sarah Palin gave me a hearty chuckle once again by leaving the dinosaur media choking in her dust as she made a surprise appearance at the cattle exhibition of the Iowa State Fair forcing a scramble as the press tried frantically to get to her. At this point, they need Governor Palin a lot more than she needs them, and she deserves a great deal of credit for realizing that and making it work for her.

She is, after all, the dinosaur media's self created monster. If they hadn't colluded with the Left to destroy her out of sheer hatred, she wouldn't have ended up being near as well known as she is.

Needless to say, she was mobbed as always, upstaging other candidates like Rick Santorum who was speaking on the Fair's soapbox.

Here's a money quote from the ObamaBots at the Politico:

More from Kasie Hunt as she chases Sarah Palin.

On Michele Bachmann and questions about tension between them: "Just because there may happen to be two women in the race, that they would you know as Michele had put it once, get in the mud and engage in some catfighting that's ridiculous. It's kind of even a sexist notion to consider that two women would be kind of duking it out." She added, "If I'm gonna duke it out I'm gonna duke it out with the guys."

Considering that Governor Palin has more courage ( which I'll use as a euphemism for another anatomical word that ordinarily doesn't apply to women) than half of Congress put together, she could more than hold her own...especially with the current occupant of the White House.

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