Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Bye Bye, Herman Cain

Sorry, nice guy, looks like he has a few good ideas..but simply not ready for prime time.

please helps me write more gooder!


Anonymous said...

I'm pleasantly surprised that he backed away from his painfully racist views. It shows that he can recognize when he's screwed up and learn to make amends. That's no small feat for a politician.

Rob said...

Oh, why not? There's a little bit of humor value here.

First of all, I wonder whom it was that taught you that Islam is a 'race'.It isn't.

Second, I wonder whether you realize how anti-Semitic the Muslim Brotherhood actually is.Or that ISNA, a Muslim Brotherhood front is funded by the Saudis, in whose country neither Jews, Christians Hindus or Buddhists are allowed to exist, let alone worship.

Finally, are you really OK with foreign entities funding the building of huge mosques in communities with few Muslims when those communities don't want the mosques built? Why should we allow that when a church ( and let's not even think about a synagogue) could not be built in Saudi Arabia?

Among other things, a mosque of that kind involves the blasting of a message at high decibels five times a day that touts Islam's superiority and the inferiority of all other religions. And what about what these Muslim Brotherhood controlled mosques are teaching and preaching?

I have no problem with American Muslims funding a mosque among themselves for themselves to service a community of local Muslims who've outgrown the local storefront, provided jihad and hatred aren't being preached. But that's not what ISNA is about.