Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Song Of Norway's Ambassador To Israel

Norwegian Ambassador to Israel Svein Sevje discusses the history of Jews in Norway and the relationship between Norway and Israel ( hat tip Norway, Israel and the Jews via Tundra Tabloids) .

Norway, Israel and the Jews points out that the ambassador is rather figures challenged when it comes to what happened to Norway's Jews during the Holocaust, but to me the ambassador's most revealing comments come when he portrays Norway as a tolerant, pro-Israel country who only turned against Israel after the '67 war.

It’s not fair in my opinion to demonize Norway as a whole because of what occurred during the Shoah, when they were under Nazi occupation.But it is fair to note that Norway was and is an historically anti-Semitic country, and attitudes towards Jews and Israel go a long way back.

Aside from a few ‘useful’ merchants, Jews were legally banned from Norway and the handful allowed to reside there had their movements severely restricted. This continued after Norway’s independence; no Jews were legally allowed to enter until 1851 and a number of suspected Jews or people suspected of Jewish ancestry were even deported.

Even after 1851, Norway still allowed hardly any Jews to emigrate and deliberately framed its immigration laws to keep them out. This was largely because the Jews were stereotyped in public opinion as criminals, subversives and freeloaders, something that's almost comical in view of a significant part of the Muslim immigration Norway encourages today.

Norway had a large fascist movement in the early 20th century, and was one of the first countries in Europe to officially ban schechita, Jewish kosher slaughter in 1929. As a prominent member of parliament said at the time, “If they don’t like it, let them go live somewhere else.” That ban remains in place today, while Muslim halal slaughter is legal as is the slaughter of seals, whales and other animals that are protected by international treaties.

As in other parts of Europe, the Nazis found enough pro-Nazi anti-Semites to do the work of rounding up the Jews for them, and as in other parts of Europe, a far smaller number of people made a personal and courageous decision not to collude with that agenda. But Norway's historic anti-Semitism made the Nazis' work a great deal easier as opposed to the other Scandinavian countries, and it's inherently dishonest of the ambassador to gloss over it.

His statement about how things 'changed' after the 1967 War is also particularly revealing. How inconvenient of Israel's Jews to have survived an attempt at genocide!

As for Norway's Labor Party, make no mistake that Israel's affiliation with America and the West had a great deal to do with that change in attitude. If Israel had rejected allying itself with America and become a socialist people's republic and part of the Soviet sphere of influence, I guarantee you the Left world wide would be singing its praises the way they do Cuba.

The original Norwegian attitude towards Jews was shaped predominantly by Christian anti-semitism. Like Mohammed, Martin Luther became a raging anti-Semite once the Jews let him know they were perfectly happy with the religion they had, thank you.

Today, it’s the height of irony that as the country becomes less Christian, the Left wing secular Labor government is demonizing Jews and Israel while importing Muslims wholesale who mostly hold the country’s culture in contempt and are a bigger danger to Norway’s freedom,prosperity and peace than the Jews ever were.

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