Thursday, August 25, 2011

An Exercise For Those Who Believe In Spreading The Wealth Around And Taxing 'The Rich'

I realize that there are people who agree with President Obama that the answer to our current economic malaise involves higher taxes and better economic distribution of the wealth for 'social justice.'

This, after all, has always been the basic message of the Left.

I invite those of you whom feel this why to participate in a little exercise with me to see how committed you are to those beliefs:

If you're a student, I'm sure you know what your GPA (grade point average) is. But you also know that all you really need is a "D" to pass your courses. So if your GPA is any bigger than 2.0, you really are sitting on excess GPA you don't really need, and there are other students who need higher GPAs than the ones they have to be able to pass their courses. Therefore, the fair thing to do is to take some of the excess GPA you don't need and pass it out to the needy, so everyone has an equal GPA.

Own an I-phone or other, pricy high end personal communication device? Pay extra for a plan with unlimited talk and text? Let's face it, a phone is a phone, and you can get along just fine on a cheap Go-phone without all that fancy bling. After all, some people can't afford cell phones at all, and others struggle along with marginal phones and limited minutes, which is unfair. Therefore, we're going to insure equality by having you turn in your high end phone. In exchange, the government will issue everyone with a basic phone and there will be one government mandated plan that will ration minutes equally. It's only fair.

Do you live in an air-conditioned home or work in an air-conditioned office? And what about your car? Here, we have an opportunity to not only insure social justice but lower your carbon footprint. I'm sure you'd agree to putting special devices in your air-conditioner that rations the amount of time you can have it on. With that in place, the government can use the savings to provide an equal amount of rationed air-conditioning to those who currently lack it. And we can do the same thing with furnaces and central heating in the winter. Gaea triumphs!

I could go on in this vein for quite some time and come up with lots of other examples.

You don't agree with these progressive ideas? What are you, some kind of Right Wing Tea Party moron?

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