Thursday, August 02, 2012

A First: Organist Ejected By Umpire From Baseball Game For Playing '3 Blind Mice'

This certainly made me crack up..!

Apparently an umpire was so incensed by an organ player's musical selection after a questionable call at a Daytona Cubs game that he ejected him:

[Derek]Dye was being given the chance to run the organ music during Wednesday night’s game. There was a questionable call at first base. “Looked like our first baseman caught it, and then lost it on the transfer. So you figure the call would be out,” Dye told 94WIP’s Marc Farzetta.

So Dye thought he’d have a little fun. “I played “Three Blind Mice,” knew organ tone, no lyrics, just the organ,” he said. “And then, within about four or five seconds of the song playing, the home plate umpire looks up, yells as loud as he can, ‘you’re gone!’” The home plate umpire had tossed Dye from the game.

Man, that's touchy! I've heard of coaches, managers and of course players being tossed out of a game. Even fans being removed at times. But an organ player? Who's next, the guy selling the popcorn??

That has to be one for the record books.

UPDATE: Nope, it's not. Long time member of Joshua's Army Louie Louie informs me that this happened once before at least..and that he heard of an additional instance at Rosenblatted Stadium, home of the College World Series and the Omaha Royals in Omaha, Nebraska a couple of years ago.

Whoah..I stand humbly corrected!

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