Thursday, August 02, 2012

Reid Doubles Down: 'Romney Needs To Prove He Paid Taxes'

I see where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has decided to double down on his totally unproven allegations that Mitt Romney hasn't paid taxes for the last decade:

“I am not basing this on some figment of my imagination,” Reid said in a telephone call with Nevada reporters. “I have had a number of people tell me that.”

Asked to elaborate on his sources, Reid declined. “No, that’s the best you’re going to get from me.”

“I don’t think the burden should be on me,” Reid said. “The burden should be on him. He’s the one I’ve alleged has not paid any taxes. Why didn’t he release his tax returns?”

OK, Senator. Fine by me.

As I reported earlier, my numerous sources( who of course are confidential) tell me you regularly purchase dogs for the purpose of having sex with them, and that you like to set your own farts on fire.

I have that direct from a long time owner of a kennel who's known Reid for years, and told me explicitly that not only did Senator Reid admit it to him, but that he's been supplying the dogs in question and actually saw Reid set one of his farts on fire with a bic lighter.

Not only that, but the photographic evidence above from my sources shows you allegedly testing one of the dogs for 'suitability'.

You prove to me they're lying, Senator Reid. So far, I haven't even gotten an official denial from your office.

Plus, another of my sources - and again, I've heard this from lots of people- tells me you like toi pick and eat your own boogers when you think no one's looking, and again, there's photographic evidence.

The burden of proof should be on you to prove it isn't true, Senator Reid. I'm waiting...

Rack 'em smack'em, rack 'em jack 'em, as one of my acquaintances used to say in these circumstances .

( G-d bless you Choo Choo m'man, wherever you are)


Roland said...

What Reid said was irresponsible and obnoxious. Period. Full stop.

However - seeing the Fox News types criticize him after years of the same kind of wild accusations and innuendo from the birther movement would be nauseating if the irony weren't so amusing. I'm glad to see that Jon Stewart et al are making fun of Reid, but I can't see the right banishing the birther crowd anytime soon. This sudden concern for veracity and proof rings quite hollow.

Rob said...

I saw Jon Stewart's bit..he remains one of the funniest men in America.

You have to admit though that Obama brought a lot of the birther stuff on himself by being so secretive about the whole thing.

There was no reasons to put the country through that.

Roland said...

By that logic, wouldn't you then have to admit that Romney is bringing on his problems by being so secretive?

And you know full well that even if Obama's birth was captured on camera, notarized by the Pope, and confirmed via time machine, Trump and the wingnuts still wouldn't be satisfied.

Rob said...

Hello Roland,
Not sure I agree with you here.

First of all, I don't feel like Governor Romney is being all that secretive.There's no legal or constitutional question involved in how many years worth of tax returns he releases.There are precedents for only releasing two years.

Second, given that he's facing Barack Obama, who has a history using some of the most underhanded, nasty and downright deceptive attacks on his opponents ( ask Jack Ryan and Alice Palmer about that one), it makes political sense for him to give Barack Obama as little ammunition as possible.

We've already seen evidence of that in the Obama campaign's deceptive attacks on Romney's essentially blameless and successful career with Bain Capital.Considering that a large chunk of the media has shown itself to be incredibly biased and willing to megaphone these faux attacks, I think Romney's choice is a wise one. The 'tax returns' issue is eventually going to fade away as just another talking point among people not predisposed to vote for Obama anyway.

OTOH, President's Obama's secretiveness towards his birth certificatedid involve a direct constitutional and legal issue as it involves his qualification for office.

President Obama swore an oath to defend and protect the Constitution, and resolving any doubt about his qualification for office comes under that category. It was the right and proper thing to do and not doing it made it appear he had something to hide from the American public and caused needless division and controversy.

As with so many other things about this president, it is not the way a responsible leader behaves.

Even Justice Souter, hardly a birther or a far right conservative asked the president after he was elected to just simply show the Supreme Court his birth certificate to resolve all doubts. President Obama ignored him.

Coming out with his long form birth certificate years after the fact as he did, after we were first told there was no such thing and after Hawaii Governor and Obama ally Neil Abercrombie admitted that he had made a diligent search for it and was unable to find it has simply exacerbated the divisions in the country, and given rise to fresh speculation the president has something to hide.If you look at it logically, you can hardly blame them.

I would also point out that both Romney's taxes and Obama's birth certificate ( at least at this point)are side issues that have little to do with the issues that face this country.

The fact that the Obama Campaign has made that its main focus says a great deal.