Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bad news for the Hollywood Left...

All the hype in the world can't seem to make terrorist appeasing, anti-US garbage like `Syriana', `Jarhead' and `Munich' hits, in spite of massive advertising.Daily Box Office - Sunday, January 8, 2006

`Munich', for example, Steven Spielberg's fictionalized moral equivalency fable about the aftermath of the Palestinian terrorist's murder of the Israeli athletes in 1972 has only grossed $26M..a massive bomb. And that's the most successful of the bunch!

What's the point of making an anti-Israel film like that if they don't even pay you well for it?

In other news, `Munich' failed to get any nominations from Bafta,the British film society because the preview DVD sent to the academy's members was unplayable on machines used in the UK. As a result the majority of Bafta's 5,000 voters will not have seen the film in time to vote for it or recomend it before it's releasd in Britain on January 27.

The faulty DVDs only reached Bafta members on Saturday, which meant the film had already missed out on the first round of voting on January 4. In a further twist to the tale, a previous batch mailed out before Christmas were reportedly held up by customs officials in the UK.

Tough luck, Steven. Couldn't happen to a more worthy film.

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