Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Homosexuals swing both least on Islam!

One would think, in view of Islam's uncompromising view on the right of homosexuals to live in peace that the homosexual community would be united in opposing radical Islam and the jihadi mentality. But you'd be wrong. Apparently, PC atitudes and Leftist politics trump even openly gay-bashing attitudes on the part of Islamists. Queer as that might seem!

In Britain, the head of the `moderate' Muslim Council of Britain, Sir Iqbal Sacranie doesn't stop with just being an unabashed anti-Semite. He also dislikes gays and made a number of provocative statements to that effect on the BBC, condemning homosexuality as "not acceptable" and denouncing same-sex civil partnerships (now legal in Britain) as "harmful".

Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell of Outrage responded to Sacranie's unsolicited outburst: "It is tragic for one minority to attack another minority....Both the Muslim and gay communities suffer prejudice and discrimination. We should stand together to fight Islamophobia and homophobia."

"It is astonishing that the Muslim Council happily advocates prejudice and discrimination against the gay community," he continued. "It has actively opposed all the gay law reforms of the last decade and has openly supported the retention of discriminatory, homophobic legislation, such as Section 28 and the unequal age of consent."

"Instead of sowing division and stirring intolerance, the MCB should be working to secure a fair and just society, free from both Islamophobia and homophobia."

Of course, his reward for that was to be targeted by Islamist organizations in Britain, threatened with death by Islamists and criticized, amazingly, by other gay groups in Britain.

On the other side of the world, Senator Bob Brown, the leader of Australia's Green Party harshly criticized a speech made by Australia's Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock to Muslims in Australia on Tuesday. Scoop: Aust.: Ruddock insults Muslims on the Haj

Ruddock had said in his speech: "When you are have a responsibility to uphold the laws of this country."

A moderate enough statement on the face of it, but Senator Brown went bonkers, labeling the comments as insulting and unwarranted.

"Muslim Australians are proud, law-abiding citizens who do not need to hear patronising comments from the Attorney-General about upholding the law or practising tolerance," he said. Really, Senator? How tolerant would Muslims be of your choice of lifestyle?

Senator Bob Brown,of course is the first openly homosexual member of Australia's parliament. It makes one wonder- doesn't he know that he would be one of the first to be "thrown to the wolves" by true followers of the rules and customs of Islam?

Talk about giving somebody the rope to hang you with!

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