Sunday, January 22, 2006

Canada's Conservatives are set to win the January 23rd elections.

After 12 years in the wilderness, Canada's Conservatives are on the eve of an election victory expected to end Liberal rule, move Canada to the right and improve ties with the United States.Canada's surging conservatives |

Stephen Harper, if elected, would be Canada's first PM from the conservative West of the country. While more to the left on some social issues than the American idea of conservatism, Harper has been rock solid on the idea of one Canadian identity, as opposed to multiculturalism and in support for the war against jihad. This represents a MAJOR change for Canada.

"This country has the opportunity of electing a new government, to bring the country together, East and West, English and French, city and farm, new Canadians and old. Only one party can do it," Conservative leader Stephen Harper told a morning rally the day before Monday's vote.

Well said...and it's about time.

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