Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Everybody's upset..but what will they DO about it?

The United State, Russia and the European Union have all weighed in voicing their `disapointment' at Iran's resumption of work on its nuclear activities.

In a statement carried by Russian news agencies, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed “deep disappointment” on Tehran’s decision to resume uranium enrichment research.Not that it means the Russians are going to stop bulding Teheran's nuke facilties anytime soon!Iran Focus-Russia calls on Iran to freeze uranium enrichment activities - Special Wire - News

Lots of noise is being made about the possibility of UN sanctions, but the reality is that Russia has billions invested in its relationship with Iran and China needs the oil and gas, so sanctions, even if adopted are unlikely to be meaningful.

Iran, for its part, has simply smiled and shrugged off any criticism. I give them credit for being honest and up front about their intentions, anyway. Their confidence comes from Iran crossing the point of no-return in development of a nuclear weapon.

Either the West is going to take these toys away from the Mullahs or it had better get used to a nuclear armed Iran.

One interesting piece to the puzzle...The 122nd Fighter Wing deployed to SouthWest Asia (SWA) January 9th from Fort Wayne, IN this morning. And the 122nd flies the variant of the F-16 which would be critical in strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities. Also along for the ride is the 4th Sqaudron of the 388th FW.News-Sentinel | 01/09/2006 | 122nd Fighter Wing to leave in the wee hours

The Israelis, as the Freedom Fighter reported, purchased a number of these same long range F-16s along with a shipment of bunker busters which were delivered to Israel from the US right before the November `04 election.

The Freedom Fighter's guess? A raid is in the works,or at least in the planning stages. While the USA would never openly attack in tandem with the Israelis, it's possible that the two would work together covertly, either with Israeli pilots flying the F-16's or with a mixed force of Israeli and American pilots in Israeli marked or US marked planes. If I had to predict, I'd say that it will be done under Israeli auspices rather than American.


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