Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Canada moves to the right - Conservatives win

Stephen Harper is the new Canadian PM as the Conservatives sweep the Liberals from power. Canadians Move Right, Elect New Leadership

The returns showed the Liberals dropping to 103 seats, while the Conservatives captured 124 seats, up from the 98 seats they hold in the current Parliament.

The Bloc Quebecois won 51 seats and the New Democratic Party garnered 29. One seat went to Independent.

Harper, an economist and conservative from Calgary, Alberta is a centerist who made a campaign point of his desire to curb multiculturism and promote a unified Canadian identity and to work more closely with America on strategic concerns.

As jihad intensifies, people slowly, slowly perceive the threat and vote for people they feel more confident will defend their countries...first George Bush, next John Howard and now Stephen Harper...I wonder who's next.

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