Wednesday, January 18, 2006

US, EU reject further Iran talks. Emergency IAEA meeting to be held

The US and the EU rejected Iranian overtures for further talks by Iran, with Javier Solana saying `there's not much left to talk about'.Reuters AlertNet - Solana and Rice say no point in more Iran talks An emergency meeting of the IAEA is being held at this time.IAEA meeting on Iran N-program to be held - by

In view of the lack of agreement with Russia and China, the Freedom Fighter doesn't see any concrete actions coming out of this latest diplomastic flurry.

Asked whether the China and Russia supported the U.S. and European stand against Iran, US Secretary of State Rice said both countries had expressed "grave concern" over Tehran and the United States would continue to work closely with both sides.

I can certainly read between THOSE lines, Madame Secretary

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