Saturday, January 21, 2006

Terrorist's deadline on Jill Carrol passes. Still no news.

The 72 hour deadline on the life or death of Jill Carrol, the American freelance reporter kidnapped by terrorists in Iraq passed last night without any additional news.

The reporter was taken at gunpoint by a group calling itself `The Revenge Brigade' and the translater she was riding with (an Iraqi Christian) was shot dead and dumped in the street.

The `Revenge Brigade' releasd a video on al Jazeera (where else but Jihad TV?) showing her helpless and in their power and threatening to murder her within 72 hours unless 8 terrorist prisoners in Iraqi custody were freed. That deadline passed last night.

The Iraqis have scheduled the release of six of the prisoners for Monday, January 23rd, though they are claiming this was unrelated to Carrol's kidnapping. I personally don't buy that in the least.

Several Muslim clergymen have called for her release and even the American Group CAIR has become involved in the negotiations, which are characterized as `continuing'.

I wonder: does that mean that the negotitors are in contact with the kidnappers and know who's holding Ms. Carrol? Is there a reason that the identity of whom the kidnappers are has largely been witheld?

Meanwhile her distraught parents have been making the rounds of the Arab press begging for their daughter's release. One can hardly blame them and the Freedom Fighter's heart goes out to them, but Ms. Carrol's father speaking on al Arabiya and elsewhere saying that the terrorists have kidnapped the wrong woman and should release her for the 'betterment of their cause' is well..unfortunate. it can only up the ante for more kidnappings, which seems to be the new growth industry among Arab terrorists. As in so many aspects of Islamic terrorism, the Palestinians showed the way on this a while ago when they kidnapped a `Palestinian Human rights worker' and her elderly parents and traded them for a hefty ransom, paid by Britain's M1-5.
J O S H U A P U N D I T: Kate Burton and her parents freed by Gaza terrorists.

The pain Ms. Carrol's family must be going through is unimaginable.

Let us all pray for this young woman's safe return.

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