Monday, January 23, 2006


The Palestinian election is 24 hours away, and the scramble is going on even now as we speak for the EU and even the US government to finesse dealing with an organization both have branded as terrorists but who are expected either to win the Palestinian elections outright or to make a strong enough showing to be a part of Abbas' new government.

As I've said, I think Hamas still is looking to use Abbas as a stoodge and frontman to garner money from donor nations, especially in the EU. But since the EU has now frozen its stipend to the Palestinians due to corruption, inflated `payrolls' and creative accounting, the role of Abbas is increasingly marginalized.

Tony Blair led the parade, saying that Britain will not deal with a Palestinian government containing Hamas members - unless the militant group renounces violence, of course.We will not talk to a terrorist Hamas, says Blair - World - Times Online Kind of like Arafat did at Oslo. I can see Hamas now.."it isn't's those crazy `militants' who we can't control..not that you can't understand the rage, right?"

That has a familiar ring to it.

Of course, Hamas played on this by raising the possibility of `negotiations with Israel'World News Article | was gobbled up by the main stream press like the absolute swill that it was.

What Tony and his friends don't understand is that Hamas, as part of the Muslim Brotherhood has NO ideological basis to recognize Israel, to live with the idea of Jews living in `Muslim Land' in peace and equality or to finalize the conflict short of a Muslim victory over the unbelievers, just like the Qu'ran says.

The Damascus meeting last week with Ahmadinejad of Iran, Assad of Syria, Hizboallah and the heads of the various Palestinian terrorist groups including Hamas was designed to solidify a unified startegy towards that goal.

Of course, in my opinion, the `elections' are already a done deal, and mafia-like sitdowns to parcel out spheres of interest and patronage ar already in progress.

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