Monday, January 16, 2006

George Galloway to donate his 'reality show' earnings to Hamas Charity

Following wide spread ridicule and criticism over his impersonation of a cat on "Celebrity Big Brother", George Galloway decided to donate his six-figure television fee to a charity, Interpal.

As we've reported in Joshuapundit, Interpal is another name for the Palestine and Lebanon Relief Fund, which has been identifed as a front to raise money for Hamas.

In August 2003, the charity was outlawed in the United States, and designated as "an entity that commits, threatens to commit or supports terrorism."

The Israeli government has much data on this, and the Israeli ambassador, Zvi Hefetz, will be meeting with a Treasury minister this week to demand action by the British government against Interpal.

Documents captured in Operation Defensive Shield include receipts printed on InterPal stationary for the tranfer of monies from the charity to Hamas. Other documents found by Israeli forces in Bethlehem details a series of $100 gifts presented by Interpal and a Saudi charity, the World Assembly of Muslim Youth to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers on the occasion of a the three-day holiday ending the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in 2001. The document lists over two dozen family names, which Israeli security sources say includes the families of terrorist operatives from Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and several families of Palestinian suicide bombers.

Joshuapundit reported last week that a group of victims of Palestinian terrorism have filed a lawsuit in New York's Federal Court against Britain's National Westminster Bank (Natwest), for allowing Interpal to have an account, despite being warned of its links with Hamas.

George Galloway who won election to Parliament in a particularly anti-Semitic campaign against a Jewish opponent in a mostly Muslim district has come in for
criticism for abandoning his parliamentary duties to participate in this television show. Galloway knows that his Muslim constituents are not the greatest fans of Israel. What better way of trying to appease them than by a donation to an anti-Israel charity ?

Smooth move, George.

A shout out to the Western Alliance for some of the info that appears in this post.

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