Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Oscar Nominations Support Warm, Cuddly Terrorism

The Oscar nominations came out today, and they went pretty much as expected...mostly they went to films with a gay theme like `Brokeback Mountain', `TransAmerica' and `Capote', or they went to films that promulgate the image of warm, cuddly. `humanized' terrorists like `Munich' and `Syriana'.And Hollywood movers and shakers keep asking themselves why attendance is down!

On the bright side, none of the films nominated for best picture attracted anything like a mass audience, and they were mostly ignored by movie goers in a year that saw movie studio profits plummet as people avoided these out-of-the mainstream offerings.
`Big Momma's House II', grossed more in its opening week than `Munich' has grossed in its entire run..and `Munich' has been out for weeks, with heavy promotion.

The worst nomination was reserved for Best Foreign Film, which of course went to `Paradise Now' the Palestinian entry that shows the lighter side of homicide bombers.

I wish that the pampered academy members who voted for and applauded these films had actually experienced what one of these attacks is like. I wish they had the experience of what Islamic terrorism looks, sounds and yes, smells like up close. I'd want to see their faces as they watch grown men weeping as they pick up body parts of what used to be men, women and children in the street..with the sounds of the Palestinians celebrating, firing guns in the air and ululating clearly audible at the same time.

I'm surprised they can actually look in the mirror without being sick with shame.

You're quite right..I'm angry.


Dan Zaremba said...

You are not being angry alone.
On the bright side of things this schmock - Mounted Brokeback ,as you pointed out, isn't doing so well.
Perhaps the audience isn't that big after all.

Anonymous said...

FF- several years ago I saw a doco which questioned the avalanche of R, RRR, X etc, films.
The doco maker led with a poll showing that all 30 of a "Top 30 Films of all time" public choice poll had G, PG or similar ratings.
The thrust of the questioning was on "Why, when people clearly reject this sort of meterial".
Paraphrased, the response was "Art and artists have a responsibility to challenge and lead people where they may not wish to go."