Thursday, January 19, 2006

Homicide bomber injures 30 in Tel Aviv; Terrorism expected to increase in runup to Palestinian elections.

The attack occurred at close to 4 PM after Islamic Jihad's own Hafiz Antar entered the Rosh Ha'ir Shwarma stand on Rehov Salema 2 in the southern Tel Aviv neighborhood of Neveh Sha'anan disguised as a street seller.

In January 2003, 23 people were killed and some 120 were wounded in a double suicide bombing just around the corner from today's attack.

This creep went into the bathroom of a resturant to prepare his bomb, which apparently went off prematurely.The combination of a relatively small explosive device and the fact that the bomber chose a closed-in shop as his target, limited the damage and the number of wounded.

Islamic Jihad took the `credit'. Not that it matters..these people pretty much work together in these `operations'.

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz held an emergency security meeting late this evening with defense officials in order to try to plan for Israel's security situation in what's expected to be an increase interrorist attacks in the runup to the PA elections.

Believe it or not, attacks like this are actually PA campaign activities, in a way...designed to impress the voters by showing who is most hardline with the hated Jews.

Israel can expect more attacks like this in the next week or so, I fear.

Lovely people. Give `em a state.

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