Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Iraq gets worse...more kidnappings and deaths

Terrorists attacked an armed convoy in a Sunni area of Western Baghdad, shot dead ten bodyguards and kidnapped two foreign engineers.Bodyguards shot dead as kidnappers seize more foreigners - World - Times Online

The two engineers, one from Malawi, the other from Madagascar, had been working for the Iraqi mobile phone company, Iraqna, and were driving towards a damaged antenna in the rebel hotspot of Abu Ghraib when they were ambushed.

This is NOT good, to say the least. And it seems to presage a coming trend,especially if terrorist prisoners are released in exchange for Jill Carrol.

Certainly everyone wishes her safe return, but this is a bad precedent...perhaps started by the successful (and very lucrative) kidnappings of Susanne Osthoff and British `Palestinian Human Rights worker' Kate Burton and her parents.

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