Thursday, January 12, 2006

Russia says it won't block the US and EU on Iran

The Bush administration has apparently received a committment from Russia that it will not block U.S. efforts to take Tehran's nuclear case to the U.N. Security Council.
Russia Won't Block U.S. on Iran

Before any one breaks out the champagne, keep in mind that (A) the Russians never said they would actually vote for sanctions and (B)Sanctions, even if adopted are basically meaningless, especaially as Russia has a land border with Iran and billions of dollars invested there already..

I would consider this meaningless diplomatic wallpaper, as far as it goes, except that it's worth reporting as a lead up to diplomatic accords which might provide a cover for a more real world, permanent solution to isolating and neutralizing Iran once the nukes have been dealt with.

Inthe Freedom Fighter's opinion, Iran is much more interested in allying itself with al Qaeda and fostering Jihad through the Caucasus anyway than it is in threatening the this point in time, anyway. Maybe, just maybe Putin has finally gotten a clue about that and is looking to hedge his bets with both sides, just in case.

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