Monday, January 30, 2006

Connecting the dots on Iran, funding for the Palestinians...and the Saudis

As those of you whom follow Joshuapundit know, I reported last week on a story that got very little attention...the historic trip by Saudi King Abdullah to Asia, which included stops in Pakistan, India and China.J O S H U A P U N D I T: Connecting a few dots on Iran

End result? Musharref in Pakistan announces that Iran should not have nuclear weapons and should be subject to sanctions if it does, India and Saudi Arabia announce plans for closer ties and China sudenly moderates it's views on sanctions for Iran.

How did this magic take place? If we read between the lines,it's obvious Abdullah went on the road for the US to help isolatate Teheran and promise the Indians and Chinese a backup in case of any shortfalls in Iranian oil supplies for their economies.

Now why would King Abdullah go to all that trouble? What did he get out of it?

I think, among other things, King Abdullah got a guarantee from President Bush to push the Palestinian elections through.

If you remember, President Abbas was going to postpone the elections until President Bush twisted his arm.

Hamas gets elected and suddenly needs money to keep the dysfunctional Palestinian Authority running....and look who pops up! Jerusalem Post | Saudis promise Palestinians $100M

Yup, the Saudis. And that's in addition to whatever promises Iran's Ahmadinejad made to Hamas in Damascus last week.

So America gets Saudi backup and assistance on isolating Iran, the US (and possibly the EU) get to disengage from a financial and diplomatic rathole in the Palestinian Authority and the Saudis get some influence over an Islamic, Sunni government of Hamas as a counter to Shiite Iran.

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