Thursday, January 19, 2006

The height of PA and EU hypocrisy

According to the Jerusalem Post, the Eu and the Palestinian Authority are `upset' over the provisions made for non-Israeli Arabs to vote on Israeli sovereign territory in Jerusalem.

The setup `will not provide a free and fair' environment, according to European Union monitors and Palestinian Authority election officials.

Of particular concern, apparently, are lack of secrecy, lack of space to accommodate enough voters and intimidation - even if unintentional - by Israeli security personnel. PA Central Elections Committee chief officer Ammar Dwaik told the Post, "The [provisions] are inadequate; if they remain the way they are, they will not provide for free and fair elections."

Fascinating that Mr. Dwaik, a Fatah functionary, had nothing to say about the `lack of privacy and intimidation' suffered by Palestianian Security personnel required to vote a day early AND in their barracks under the eyes of Fatah commanders. Or the intimidation of election monitors by Hamas and various Fatah factions in Gaza.

"The devil is in the details," Veronique De Keyser, chief observer for the elections, told The Jerusalem Post. "But surely if the political issues can be worked out, so too can the technical ones."

Maybe you should start with your pals in the PA, Veronique. Just a suggestion.

Of course, a better suggestion would be for Israel to allow ALL of the non-Israeli Arabs to vote in the PA election...after leaving Israeli territory for good so they can participate in and enjoy the government they elected. Isn't that how it usually works in a `democracy'?

Since when do people get a vote in one government when they live under the auspices of another?

Just asking....not that I expect an answer.

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