Sunday, January 22, 2006

Multiculturism du jour - An interesting legal defense, to say the least!

Finsbury Park Jihad Imam Abu Hamza's new defense in his trial for hate speech and incitement is that he was merely praching his religion. Copies of the Qu'ran were handed to jurors in the trial yesterday as his defense argued that some of the cleric’s offensive statements were drawn directly from Islam’s holy book.
Britain, UK news from The Times and The Sunday Times - Times Online

Edward Fitzgerald, QC, for the defence, said that Abu Hamza’s interpretation of the Koran was that it imposed an obligation on Muslims to do jihad and fight in the defence of their religion.

He added: “It is said he was preaching murder, but he was actually preaching from the Koran itself.”

Not that there's anything wrong with that, right Mr. Fitzgerald?

I sincerely wonder where these people's common sense went to.

Multiculturism Uber Alles!

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