Monday, March 27, 2006

Abdul Rahman update: The Afghan convert to Christianity is free,but in deadly danger

Abdul Rahman. the Afghan man who faced execution for converting from Islam to Christianity is scheduled to be released within days, but he is still under death threat.Herald Sun: Convert may go, but still hunted [28mar06]

The Afghan Supreme Court reportedly dropped the case because of "problems with the prosecutors' evidence"...and because several of Abdul Rahman's relative were willing to testify that he was `mentally unstable'...which gave the prosecution an out in a case which raised international condemnation and called the whole grand idea of Islamic democracy into question.

The court's decision has averted a major international dispute for President Hamid Karzai. But it does nothing to protect Rahman, once he's released.

Many Islamic clerics in Afhanistan and elsewhere have issued fatwas calling for his death for apostasy, and one even said he should be "torn to pieces".Muslim clerics, are also playing the violence card, warning that Abdul Rahman's release will cause widespread riots in Afghanistan and across the Muslim world.

And poor Abdul Rahman isn't even a cartoonist!

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