Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jill Carroll freed in Iraq!!

US journalist Jill Carroll is free. She was released almost 12 weeks after being kidnapped at gunpoint on a Baghdad street.

The editor of the Boston-based Christian Science Monitor, for which Ms Carroll was working when she was abducted, said this afternoon there were no negotiations with the paper before her release, and he had no knowledge of any US military involvement.

I personally doubt that..knowing these people, I'm pretty sure she was ransomed but that they're keeping it quiet so that there's no stigma about `negotiating with terrroists'.

In any event, I'm glad she's home safe.

I'll be posting more details as they come out.


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing a video of her crying after the abduction. Now it's peaches and cream. It's well known that she is against the war and wants to become an Arab. Is there something going on in the woodpile?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hmmm. I've seen several commentaries like this on Jill Carroll.

I appreciate what you're saying, but having read Carroll's work I don't think she `wanted to become an Arab'.
Like many journos, she is kind of leftish, but this experience may have taught her something.

Second, being against the war is not something that should be punishable by being kidnaped and held against your will for three months.

As for Carroll's remarks about her being well treated..well, I have a feeling the Christian translator who was shot and dumped in the streets might disagree...

B U T :

That being said, I'm certain that part of the deal(along with a money ransom) that was made for her freedom was that she would not say anything negative about her captors. Anyone who saw the videos of her sobbing and pleading for her life knows that it was obviously no picnic.

Some of her friends and co-workers still in Iraq might very well be `hostages' for her keeping her mouth shut.

I'm glad she's home safe, regardless. NO ONE should be in the power of `people' like these...not even their own wives and children.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to read that Jill Carroll has repudiated the anti-American statements she made in that video released by the Iraqi mujahideen. Also she said that she was threatened many times while in captivity.