Friday, March 24, 2006

The real and the unreal: Abbas proposes `peace' talks and Olmert says `why bother ?'

Synagogue burns in Gaza

According to al-Reuters, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas claims he proposed secret peace talks with Israel and thinks a deal could still be reached within a year.

But Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert exercised a rare look at reality and referred to our ol' friend Abbas as a failed leader, with no prospects once Hamas takes over the government.

Olmert, in an interview with the YNETnews Web site, said he has had "friendly" relations with Abbas, but added: "I cannot base (Israel's) relations with the Palestinian Authority on the sympathy that I might have for a particular individual."

"He (Abbas) has failed in the biggest challenge which faced him from the very outset: to combat terror. As a result of the failure of his government, Hamas has risen," said Olmert.

(Well, not exactly, Mr. Prime Minister. Hamas got elected because of the Palestinian perception of Israel's weakness because of the lack of serious reprisals for terrorist attacks and especially because of the retreat from Gaza.)

Foreign ministry spokesman Mark Regev questioned whether Abbas had the ability to deliver any agreement since Hamas will be leading the government.

"Real political power in the Palestinian Authority is no longer in the hands of Mr. Abbas and his colleagues, but has been transferred to Hamas," Regev said.

Well, exactly. And I have been saying there was no point in dealing with Abbas since the day he refused to take decisive action to prevent terrorist attacks on Israel.

After all, why make a deal with someone who can't deliver?

Hamas has refused to renounce terrorism, recognize Israel and abide by the interim peace deals signed by the Palestinian Authority. Well and good.

At least Hamas is honest about its intentions towards Israel. And since Hamas has never, ever lied about its agenda, the landslide election of Hamas is a clear indication of the fact that the majority of Palestinians are much more interested in a victory in the War Against The Jews than they are in any kind of `peace talks' anyway.

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