Saturday, March 11, 2006

Russia proposes March 20th Date for new talks on Iran

Once again. that ominous March 20th date pops up.

According to diplomatic sources, Russia has proposed that new talks on Iran's nuclear program take place on March 20 - most likely in Vienna - with the United States, China, France and Britain - the other four permanent members of the Security Council.Jerusalem Post | Russia proposes March 20 for new talks on Iran

The Russians also want the participation of the IAEA's own Inspecter Clouseau, Mohamed ElBaradei, and of Germany, which, along with France and Britain, the other members of the so-called EU 3 broke off talks with Iran after two years of futility once the Mullahs decided to go ahead with work on uranium enrichment.

Remember, as I reported that March 20 coincides with the Persian New Year, Noruz and that the same group of Iranian dissidents who first outed Teheran's hidden nuclear weapons program claim to have reliable information that an Iranian nuclear weapons test is sceduled for that date.
J O S H U A P U N D I T: Iran planing nuke test...
It's obvious to me that the Russians are trying to buy as much time for the mullahs as they can. Will the West go along with it?

Stay tuned...

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azriela said...

Yeah, and Bush is doing absolutely nothin' to stop them.