Monday, March 06, 2006

Another Islamic Jihad commander learns the hard truth about job security

Munir Abu Suker, a senior Islamic Jihad commander involved in bomb attacks against Israelis and the firing of Kassam rockets at Israeli targets ended up on the wrong side of an IDF missle today in Gaza. Also in the car was his aide, Iyad Abu Shaouf, who was likewise killed.

Abu Suker's specialty, along with Kassam attacks, was smuggling weapons and operatives back and forth between Gaza and Sinai.

The attack occurred in the Sajaya neighborhood in northern Gaza City. Witnesses said that the car was traveling when the explosion went off.

No doubt they'll be missed inGaza, but Abu Saker and Shaouf did provide another dandy opportunity for the unique Palestinian sport of the car swarm:

"Looky, looky...I dipped my hands in the blood, maw!"


Dan Zaremba said...

In either case, may their virgins all look like Yasser Arafat.
They probably do look like him just not as pretty.

Freedom Fighter said...

Actually, Yasir liked young BOY virgins!

And Chsw, my info on the missle came from the Jerusalem Post. I think you're confusing it with last weeks `work accident' in Gaza.

Thanks for weighing in, both of you!