Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Major terrorist strike averted in Tel Aviv

A Palestinian terrorist carrying a powerful explosive was caught Tuesday on the main Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway

Intel regarding this led to a nationwide alert across Israel several highways beingays blocked for several hours to traffic.

The Shin Bet had intelligence of several vehicles carrying Palestinian suicide bombers from the northern Shomron(The West Bank) via Jerusalem to the Tel Aviv area. You may remember that the Northern Shomron was one of the areas Israel `disengaged' from atthe same time it `disengaged' from Gaza. Apparently, like Gaza, the Northern Shomron has become a staging ground for terrorist attacks on Israel.

One of the terrorist groups, consisting of 10 Palestinians was caught in a GMC truck carrying 10 Palestinians near Shalavim near Latrun on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway. Powerful explosives and automatic weapons found in the vehicle indicate that a classic Palestinian combined attack was planned...explosives first then an ambush of ambulance and emergency workers after they came to assist the injured. The terrorists decided that they weren't quite ready for the 72 virgins just yet and surrendered when surrounded by police and IDF commandos.

According to the Shin Bet over 70 active warnings of terrorist threats are ongoing, not to mention the barrages of Qassams hitting the Negev in Israel almost every day from Gaza.

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