Friday, March 10, 2006

The Islamintern

Baron Bodissey of the excellent blog 'Gates of Vienna' has a scintillating piece on how the current Islamist movement resembles the Communist assault on Western freedom
Gates of Vienna: The Islamintern

The Baron and his cohort Dymphna are involved in something called the `Bloody Borders' project..tracking the attacks of violent Jihad on the world map.

The Baron writes:

"The Islamofascists bear more than a passing resemblance to the Communists of the mid-20th century. Consider:

* They are international in scope, transcending national boundaries and languages.
* Their clandestine networks are guided and funded by shadowy, secret central groups abroad.
* The dissemination of propaganda and disinformation is a central strategy for their cause.
* They are aided and abetted by apologists and fellow travelers in the West.
* One of the prime vectors for the spread of their contagion is the Academy."

Indeed, as the Baron points out this is very much a war of ideas, and will be won or lost in the arena of public opinion in the West.

The Jihadists very much mirror the strategy of the Communists. They are spread out, funded and supported by a few sources but operate more or less independently, cooperating on the shared goal of subjucating the West.

The Baron writes:

"As soon as Communism consolidated power in Soviet Russia, it began its preparation for the World Revolution by establishing the Communist International. For the next sixty years or so the dedicated cadres and willing dupes of the Comintern took Soviet money, propaganda, and materiel, and used them to undermine and overthrow governments all over the world.

But Stalin did not directly command most of these operations. Even at the apogee of Soviet power, the Kremlin could only enforce its ukases in the Soviet Union itself and the “near abroad,” those communist vassals immediately contiguous with Soviet territory.

Tito, Hoxha, Mao, and Castro all followed Soviet guidelines when its suited their interests, and departed from them when required. But all of them were acting in the name of Communism, and all were intent on establishing their version of its soul-destroying totalitarianism.

And so it is with militant Islam. The Islamists are not directly controlled by bin Laden or King Abdullah or the mullahs of Iran; but they work towards a common purpose, co-operating with each other out of self-interest and deferring the cutting of each other’s throats until the opportune moment arrives.

Look at the Sunni-Shiite division as a parallel between Soviet Communism and Maoism. Give Zarqawi the role of Josip Broz Tito, with his propensity to ignore central direction and follow his own plans. The Communists had the KGB to spread money and disinformation; the Islamofascists have the Saudi “charities” to perform the same functions."

Such a comparison of Sunni and Shia Islam would not have occurred immediately to me, but the Baron's analysis holds water when when looks at the relationship between Sunni and Shia Islamists and compare it, as he does, to the competition between the Soviets and Mao.

As for the role of appeasors in this war, again, the Baron's historical parallels apply:

"The Comintern, of course, was aided in its efforts by all the fools and shills in the West.

The 1930s had George Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells, Walter Duranty, and The New York Times.

In the 21st century, the Islamintern has Dan Rather, Cindy Sheehan, Jimmy Carter, and The New York Times.

Every generation has its useful idiots."

Indeed. And every generation has it clearsighted individuals who apply the lessons of history as well.

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Dan Zaremba said...

The only big difference is between the real belief in the ideology itself.
Communism has never been as popular among the "massess" as Islam (true believers).