Monday, March 06, 2006

Hamas revokes Abbas powers in first Palestinian parliamentary session; Fatah walks out

Palestinian Speaker Aziz al-Duwaik involved in a shouting match with Fatah

The first Palestinian Parliamentary session ended in a shouting match as the Hamas majority parliament promptly rescinded the extra powers granted to Palestinian Chairman Abbas at the last Fatah dominated parlimentary session. Aljazeera.Net - Hamas votes to revoke Abbas powers

Those powers included control of the `security' services and the ability to appoint a panel of judges to override parliamentary decisions.

Whoopsie. So much for `working with Abbas' and ignoring Hamas. And so much for channeling money to the Palestinians via Abbas..Hamas can grab whatever it wants whenever it wants at any time.

Before they walked out, Fatah argued that Hamas was twisting the rules by holding the vote, and that the last session of the Fatah-controlled parliament was legal. Hamas made quick work of that by using its majority.

Hamas had hoped to paste over the nature of its regime by including Fatah. That is now highly unlikely. And perhaps unnecessary in view of Hamas support from Iran, The Saudis and the Arab League and the Russians...and quite possibly, the EU.

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