Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mo' money for the nice terrorists at Hamas, inc.

Money, money, money!

Terrorism is gooood business,lemme tell you.

Today, the World Bank approved a $42 million grant to the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority. That's a grant, as in gift, not a loan.Bloomberg.com: Top Worldwide

By the way, the World Bank never would authorize a grant of this size without receiving a green light from Washington. What was that `Bush Doctrine' about either being with the terrorists or being with us again?

It seems some terrorists are more acceptable to the `International Community' than others....provided they target Israel.

This is probably the Bush Administration's way of complying with the Saudi's wishes and setting up funding for the Palestinians while bypassing the pending Congressional legislation prohibiting funding Hamas.

Sometimes, I really wonder how some of these people can talk about a
`war on terror'without breaking out in wild laughter. Or how they manage to sleep at night.

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Dan Zaremba said...

Terrorism is gooood business,lemme tell you..

Well it works fine for them.
Why not repeat successful strategy?