Friday, March 24, 2006

Spike Lee...renaissance man

The one and only Debbie Schlussel has a superb story on the latest offerings of our old friend Spike Lee, a twin bill of an `action thriller' that shows whites and Jews as malevolent and ineffectual bumblers and Black detectives and agents as heroes who save the country and another cute offering called `C.S.A' that shows an alternative America where the South won the Civil War, Blacks and Latinos are slaves, and Jews are not citizens either but `tolerated'...because, of course, Jews ran the slave trade and CSA treasurer Judah P. Benjamin was instrumental in helping them bad ol' racists win.

It's definately a must read.Schlussel skewers Lee decisively and reminds us of some of his past racist remarks and film efforts.

Perhaps, in the end, Eddie Murphy had the best response to Lee: "Who cares what that cricket has to say?"


Joe Gringo said...

Unless Spike Lee attempts to direct a movie that has something to do with other than bigotry and racism and whitey, his legacy will have him as......well a racist and a bigot. I liked his energy whe he FIRST came out......he since has become very tiring.

Rosey said...

I thought "Do the right thing" was a good flick. It addressed racism, but put responsibility for the social position of blacks in their own lap. I haven't seen any other of his films.

Dan Zaremba said...

Liked Eddie's response.