Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Terrorist bombings in Hindu Holy City

One of the holiest and most important places on earth for India's hundreds of millions of Hindus is the city of Varanasi, also known as Benares, situated on the sacred Ganges River.

Today the city was rocked by three bomb blasts.Set up to go off ten minutes apart, the blasts were similar to last year’s bombing attacks by an al Qaeda-linked Kashmir group in New Delhi that killed 60 people... or for that matter, the London Bombings of last year.

The technique is designed to get people fleeing from one explosion into the blast range of a second timed to go off a few minutes later, and is,as they say, typical of the normal pattern in these things used by adherants of the Religion of Peace.

The shrine in Hinduism’s holiest city was crowded with thousands of pilgrims making offerings to the monkey-god Hanuman when the explosion occurred. Two more blasts struck a packed rail carriage at the local station and a ticket counter. Four unexploded bombs were found at a bathing platform of the River Ganges that runs through Varanasi.

Fifteen people are reported dead so far, and hundreds injured. As with the Dewali bombings last year, no group has taken responsibility....yet.

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