Wednesday, March 08, 2006

IAEA Report on Iran goes to the UN

The IAEA report on the Iranian nuclear program went to the Security Council today for consideration of possible sanctions.

The most probable outcome is a 30 day period for compliance by Iran with the IAEA's directives before any further action.

US delegate Gregory Schulte said "the time has now come for the Security Council to act." According to Sculte, Iran has around 85 tons of feedstock uranium gas already in hand...enough raw material for about 10 nuclear weapons if enriched.


Iran upped the ante last week by launching a new, locally-built submarine, the Nahang (whale) in the Persian Gulf. It's especially adapted to the Persian Gulf waters. Jane's says Iran also has six Russian-built SSK or SSI Kilo class diesel submarines patrolling the Persian Gulf.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov pulled a major funny when he said that Moscow would oppose sanctions on Iran because such measures rarely work...of course they don't Sergei, especially when Russia doesn't abide by them no matter what! (*rimshot*)Remember how the Russians helped Saddam evade them via the UN and the Oil For Food program?

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