Friday, March 31, 2006

Watcher's Council

As I promised, links to some of the best meat and `taters in the blogosphere. Here are this week's winners:

For the council member post, Right Wing Nuthouse weighed in on the illegal immigration controversy with A SLAP IN THE FACE, a moving reminder that amnesty for those who broke the law is deeply insulting to those who have stood in line to become Americans. Read it, and remember it when you see the MSM doing human interest pieces on illegal immigrants.

In first place for the non-council piece was Open Letter To Reformist Muslims by Unwilling Self-Negation, a facinating piece addressed to the writer's fellow anti-jihadi Muslims. We need more Muslims with this kind of courage.

Tied for second in the council member posts catagory were Education Wonk's Walking Out On Their Futures? a commentary on Hispanic students ditching class for those `spontaneous' protests and your very own JoshuaPundit in his virgin outing as a council member for What Bush needs to do to come back as the other members decided to give the new guy a break!

Second place for non-council member posts was won by Winds of Change with Hummer Deathtraps Suck, an interesting read on the new military HumVees now in use.

You can see a complete list of votes here

Congratulations, one and all on some fine writing!

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