Friday, March 31, 2006

Palestinian terrorist dies in car bomb assasination; 3 killed and 20 injured in funeral shootout

Khalil Abu Yusuf al Quqa, commander of the PRC military wing, was killed Friday when his car exploded in Gaza City. The PRC accused Palestinian Authority `security' forces loyal to Fatah and Palestinian warlord Mohammed Dahlan of orchestrating the assassination, as there is still plenty of bad blood between the various factions since the election. Al Quqa was a commander of the Qassam missile campaign against Israeli villages and towns.

Dozens of gunmen gathered outside the hospital where Abu Quka's body was taken, crying, screaming and firing into the air.

A shootout at the terrorist's funeral killed three more people - a member of the Palestinian `security' services linked to Dahlan, a PRC `footsoldier' and a bystander - and wounded more than 20, raising the odds of a wider Hamas-Fatah clash.

Palestinian PM Haniyeh called for calm, saying that he would have interior minister Saeed Seyam conduct an immediate investigation into the assasination of al Quqa.

Adding to this was a lil' disagreement between Pal Chairman Abbas, who issued a pro-forma condemnation of the earlier Kuddiyima suicide bombing, and the Hamas spokesmen- who said it legitimate `resistance' to blow up a retired couple, a teenager and a 20 year old girl.

Apparently this is part of the ongoing turf war in Gaza between warlord Mohammed Dahlan, the former Prevent Security Service chief in Gaza and a Fatah lawmaker in the new Palestinian parliament and the new Hamas rulers and their associated terrorist militias.

PRC spokesman Abu Abir, an Abu Quka ally, said that gunmen loyal to Dahlan were caught spying out Abu Quka's home yesterday. Abu Abir promised "an open war" on Dahlan and several other top security commanders.

Abu Quka was a known Hamas supporter, and appears to have been targeted for his loyalties.

Dahlan, who's off traveling in the United Arab Emirates (yes, our loyal allies in the `war on terror',Mr. President) dismissed the PRC's allegations as "baseless ugly accusations."

The beast eats itself.

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