Saturday, March 18, 2006

Hamas reveals new government in Gaza..all hardcore loyalists.

Palestinian prime minister Ismail Haniya

Hamas decided not to wait for Abbas but set up its new Islamist government in Gaza.

Given Hamas's decisive majority, it was able to build a cabinet without partnering with Fatah or any other factions-and without waiting for Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s approval.

Here are the key ministries:

Ismail Haniya– prime minister; Mahmoud a-Zahar – foreign minister; Said Siyam from Gaza - interior minister with responsibility for Palestinian security services; Dr. onsOmar Abdel-Razeq from Salfit– finance ; Dr. Nasser a-Din Shaar from Nablus – education; Abdel Rahim Hanbali from Nablus – agriculture; Dr. Abu Aysha from Nablus - planning; Abdel Jawad from Salfit - minister for Palestinian prisoners; Naif Rajoub from Hebron (brother of Fatah leader Jabril Rajoub) - the key post of minister of holy foundations; and Faraj al Ghoul, from Gaza – justice.

The Ghoul clan are senior commanders of the Hamas military wing Ezz-e Din al-Qassem Brigades, who bear primary responsibility for numerous attacks on Israel.

All the ministerial posts are taken by hardline Hamas loyalists - 14 from the Gaza Strip and 10 from Judea and Samaria (the West Bank).

Haniyeh said he would keep the door open for undecided parties represented in the Palestine Legislative Council (Parliament) to join the Hamas-led government...there are stll a few small ministries open. He said Hamas was still waiting for the final decision of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on joining the government.

According to one of my sources (an ex-member of the Palestinian Government)Hamas leaders first offered to present the list to Abu Mazen for approval provided he traveled to Gaza City.Abbas obviously had a few worries about his personal safety in the Hamas stronghold...he declined. The terrorist group then decided to bypass Abbas and convene parliament early next week to endorse the new administration.

According to the Palestinian `constitutionon',convening the legislature in supposed to be Abbas' job as president. But Hamas is not exactly worried about bypassing him...more proof that Abbas' days are numbered.

In another development, Hamas denied statements attributed to Haniyeh supposedly made during an interview with CBS on Friday in which he supposedly said he was prepared to sign a peace treaty with Israel at the White House.

"We regret that some in the Palestinian media quoted false reports in the American media," said Hamas spokesman Mushir al-Masri. "Hamas won't change its position because it was elected by the Palestinians on the basis of continuing the resistance [against Israel]."

Another black eye foir the Big Eye at CBS, I suppose..or perhaps a marketing glitch by the new Hamas.

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